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How Viva Hair Salon is Revolutionizing Women’s Haircuts in Your Neighborhood

Are you looking for a women’s hair cut near me? LA is a pretty flashy city and most women here boast with jaw-dropping hairstyles and cuts because the skills of hair stylists in this city is a cut above the rest. 

2024 is a great time to redefine your style. A fresh new haircut can give you an entirely different look. This fresh appearance is great for boosting your confidence and the right style can also save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

However, if you want precise results and a great style that suits your physical structure and lifestyle then it is crucial to use a skillful hair stylist. The right stylist will navigate you to a hairstyle that suits your needs and physical appearance perfectly and can transform you with a hairstyle that fits with the latest hair trends. 

Let’s take a look at some of the local hair trends and find out more about the best hair cut salons near me. 

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Exploring Local Hair Trends in LA

If you want to keep your appearance fresh then it is always good to give a hairstyle that is currently in trend a try. But what exactly is popular in LA right now? Let’s take a peek at some of the most popular hairstyles that women in Los Angeles are currently sporting.

Honey-Blond Hair Color

Blonde hair is a color that has been sought after and trendy for decades. The hues and coloring design have varied somewhat over the years with specialty styles like ombre, balayage, or hi-lights rising and falling in popularity, the touch of light has been a constant.

Blond hair is just as trendy in LA as ever and hairstylists believe that the honey-blond tone will be especially popular in 2024. 

The trend for this year will be natural grown-out hair with bright warm accents in the form of streaks or highlights as opposed to platinum blonde and silver blonde which have been so trendy these past few years. 

It is believed that this style is going to be high in demand because it is easy to maintain, offers natural tones that go well with all clothing colors, and suits most skin tones perfectly. 

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Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs have been making a comeback for quite some time. If you want to look trendy yet feminine in LA then you can certainly consider switching blunt-cut bangs for something a little bit more elegant and flirtatious. Side-swept bangs with a layered and face-framing design are great for softening your appearance and can work well with medium to long haircut lengths.

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Medium Length Blunt Cuts

Long hair can be very beautiful but this look can be very tedious to maintain. Most women in LA are bustling and prefer something a little bit easier to groom and create. A medium-length cut with blunt ends can be an ideal solution since this hairstyle is very easy to achieve with minimal hair products. This length and style can also be very diverse since you can easily create many different looks including updos, beach waves, or braids.

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Face Framing Feathered Layers

If you are not bold enough to crop your hair into a medium-length bob then the best alternative is to get your long hair cut into face-framing layers with feathered edges. Face framed bangs are superb for creating a soft appearance while feathered ends can give your hair a more airy and wind-swept feel. 

Mushroom Colored Bobs

Mushroom-toned hair is currently trending in LA because it is a look that isn’t as challenging to maintain as blonde or highlights and it also isn’t so dark that it will create too much contrast with your skin tone. While long mushroom-colored hair can also be a good option, bobs are especially popular right now because this hair length offers a thicker appearance and it is easier to smooth out for a slick and groomed look. 

Mushroom Colored Bobs

Premium Hair Care from the Best Hair Salons in Las Vegas

If you want to get these trendy haircuts then there is no better salon for the task than Viva Hair Studio.

This Las Vegas hair salon offers personalized luxury hair services. Here, you can get personalized treatments and indulge in a variety of hair care services like the following.

Specialty Cuts

To achieve the perfect haircut, you need a hairdresser that has the needed skill and finesse. The stylists at Viva Hair Studio can do exactly that. These skilled professionals can work with any hair type and can offer the best advice regarding a good haircut for your face shape, age, and personal needs. Here, you can get any type of cut from a simple end trimming to a specialty cut that will enhance your natural beauty.

Professional Coloring

Viva Hair Studio also offers hair coloring services. They are great at covering up greys or can transform your hair into a hue that is currently trendy in LA. You can get the perfect mushroom hair tone for a trendy yet classic look or transform your locks into a dashing honey blonde that is going to turn heads wherever you go.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are superb for enhancing your length for a special occasion or for adding some extra volume. Extensions can also be a brilliant solution for covering up a previous bad cut or for eliminating poor haircut decisions you might have made in 2023. 

Luxury Hair Treatments

This luxury hair salon also offers pampering hair care services. Their luxury treatments are great for restoring damaged hair and luxury treatments like lamination, perm or deep conditioning can make your hair a lot more manageable. 

The Final Cut

If you want to upgrade your look to something that falls within the local hair trends in LA then it is time to make a booking with Viva Hair Salon. They are one of the best hair salons in Las Vegas and the ultimate solution for women who want elite hair care and guidance. 

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