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VIVA Hair Studio Guide: Transform Your Look with Hair Extensions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some of the most glamorous events, and entertainment establishments in the country. Naturally, residents and visitors aim to always look their best by changing their style and appearance to match the vibrant lifestyles offered by the city. 

One way to do this is by upgrading hair to make it fuller, luscious, and longer with hair extensions. Thankfully the strip has no shortage of excellent salon stylists and specialists to take care of all your hair needs, the most notable being luxury salon VIVA Hair Studio. 

It boasts two locations in Summerlin and The Lakes as well as a team of expert hair extension stylists. Therefore, if you’re considering extension, you can find out more about the different extension styles to choose the right service for you. 

Here is VI’VA Hair Studio’s guide to transforming your look with hair extensions in Las Vegas.


If you’re searching for the best semi-permanent hair extension solution, look no further than tape-ins. This option is to keep your hair extensions in temporarily but for longer than many of the other in-and-out techniques. Another important detail about tape-ins is they need expert skills to install correctly due to its level of difficulty and to prevent long-term damage to your natural hair and due to the level. 

Luckily, you can visit a salon to get these hair extensions in Las Vegas inserted by a well-trained professional stylist. Furthermore, these hair extensions are applied by an inch-wide tape that is glued to your hair using an adhesive. Hair is sectioned into even wefts of four rows from ear to ear and taped in before the extension is blended and combed over to make it natural-looking and discreet. 

The best feature of tape-ins are their resilience, convenience, and versatility as they are suitable for any hair type or length. You can give your hair extra volume, length, and color and experiment with your appearance for a few weeks.


As a relative newcomer to the hair extension types in Las Vegas, the halo extension is among the easiest to self-install but it might need some practice to get right. These hair extensions are attached to a thin yet durable translucent wire in the shape of a ring or halo where it gets its name. It is then placed onto the crown of your head after your hair is tied up in a bun and worn like a headband that sits above your ears. 

Therefore, it’s important to get a halo hair extension that fits the circumference of your head comfortably and won’t ride up. A professional salon stylist and hair extension specialist in Las Vegas can provide this service if you need expert assistance in applying and keeping your halo extension in place. This seamless process allows you to be flexible with your hair extensions to remove them when sleeping, showering, or working out, then reapply them again afterward.


One of the most popular forms of hair extensions in Las Vegas is clip-ins for their easy installation, and removal and to temporarily change up your look for a special occasion. These wefts of hair are attached to a base usually made of silicone which are then glued onto the metal clips. These clip-ins can be installed using different techniques such as sectioning the hair into neat contoured rows and then clipping each hair bundle along the track from ear to ear. 

For a quick on-the-go job the clip-ins can be inserted underneath your real hair beginning at your nape to the midsection of your head and combed over to create a fine and even silhouette and give your hair natural-looking volume. Furthermore, clip-in hair extensions can be tricky to apply alone at home when you want to achieve a flawless look. Fortunately, you can pop over to your nearest Las Vegas hair salon for a professional hair extension service install.


A staple in the hair styling community and industry, wigs are the easiest and simplest extensions to wear and maintain. While wigs are made individually and uniquely, most come with a wig cap to cover your hair from your hairline to the nape. This keeps your hair even and flattened, allowing the wig to sit comfortably on your head without lumps and create a natural shape without hair poking out. 

Some wigs are kept secure by using adhesives such as wig glue, snapback clips, and pins inserted underneath and tucked away inside the hair bundle. The most common form of wigs are lace fronts made of a silky lace lining inside the wig. These are commonly the more luxurious wigs as they can be made of human hair. 

However, there are affordable options for synthetic lace wigs that look amazing and authentic with proper maintenance. The best place to get a wig hair extension in Las Vegas is from a trusted salon where a stylist can help you choose one that will fit your lifestyle match your skin and keep it looking fresh with a monthly washing service.


Another salon-only hair extension application is weaves, also known as sew-ins. This type of hair extension requires an experienced stylist because the technique of sewing in hair while preventing damage and tension needs precision and specialist experience. For this method, hair is neatly braided across the scalp in cornrow tracks, then each weft of hair is sewn into each brown starting from your nape to the last track above your hairline. 

Due to the nature of the weaving technique, this style is mostly suited for people with thicker hair that can withstand the tension. That said, weaves are an excellent choice for longer-term hair extensions as they can last for up to six to eight weeks with proper maintenance such as washing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing which can all be taken care of in a single visit to your Vegas salon for a haircare treatment.


VIVA Hair Studio is one of Las Vegas’ top salons for getting premium, luxury hair extensions. The expert team of hairdressers is skilled in advising you which style to get, installing the extensions, and assisting with hair care afterward.

Furthermore, as seen from the style guide above, there are plenty of hair extension techniques to choose from when visiting the salon. Your choice can depend on your hair type and the look you’re aiming for with your level of commitment to maintenance. All of this can be achieved with a proper understanding of hair extensions and a willingness to experiment with your appearance in fabulous Las Vegas.

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