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Unveiling Viva Hair Studio Las Vegas – Your Glamorous Bridal Makeover Destination

Hey, Gorgeous! 

This is where your journey to the perfect bridal makeover begins. 

At Viva, we don’t just style hair; we craft experiences. Our team of experts, always ahead of the curve, is ready to make your big day even more special. 

Let’s dive into the world of bridal beauty and discover why we are your ultimate beauty salon in Las Vegas for a glamorous bridal makeover.

But first… 

What can you expect from Viva?

Our Exclusive Bridal Packages

Tulle: The Classic Starter Package

Starting at just $475, our Tulle package ensures you shine as the star of the show. With a one-on-one consultation, free trial hair and makeup, traditional styling, and unlimited on-venue retouch, you’ll be picture-perfect from “I do” to the last dance.

Chiffon: Elevate Your Look with Friends and Family

For $550, the Chiffon package brings you and your loved ones together. Enjoy airbrush makeup for the bride and two others, personalized hair styling, on-venue retouch, and trial hair and makeup for the bride. It’s the perfect choice for a collective glam experience.

Silk: Pure Class and Style

Celebrate in absolute luxury with our Silk package at $850. This top-rated package includes an in-depth consultation with our senior artist, trial hair and makeup, HD airbrush makeup for the bride and two others, grooming for the groom, and post-ceremony retouch. The Silk package ensures you’re pampered from start to finish.

Go Couture: Tailored Packages for a Personal Touch

Need something more personalized? Go Couture! Design your own package with a free consultation and let our expert stylists bring your vision to life. Your entourage, pre-wedding shoot, or any special requests – we’ve got you covered. Book an appointment now and let the couture experience begin.


Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends

Updos, Braids, and Loose Curls: Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle

As one of the leading salons in Las Vegas, we understand that your hairstyle sets the tone for your entire bridal look. Updos, braids, and loose curls are timeless choices. Consider your face shape, dress style, and wedding theme when opting for a style. Communicate your preferences during your booking, and our expert stylists will work their magic.

The Natural Glow: Bridal Makeup Trends

Radiant brides are the trend, and achieving a natural glow is our specialty. Focus on skincare before makeup, and discuss your preferences with our makeup artists. From subtle smoky eyes to bold lips, we customize the look to match your personality and style. It’s your day, and your beauty should reflect you.

Personalizing Your Look: Communicate with Your Stylist

Your bridal look is a collaboration. Communicate your preferences, show reference pictures, and let our experts tailor your hair and makeup to perfection. We believe in making you feel confident, beautiful, and uniquely yourself on your special day.

personalizing look

Preparing for Your Bridal Hair and Makeup

Your bridal journey begins long before the big day. Follow these tips to ensure you radiate confidence and beauty:

Skincare Essentials for a Radiant Complexion

Start early with a simple three-step skincare routine – cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Use sunscreen consistently and incorporate vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for that radiant glow. Exfoliate weekly for fresh, luminous skin.

Achieving the Glow: Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

Enhance your skincare routine with vitamin C to reduce hyperpigmentation and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration. These power ingredients will have you glowing as you walk down the aisle.

A Healthy Lifestyle: Diet and Exercise Tips

Eat a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Regular exercise boosts blood circulation, giving your skin a natural radiance. A healthy lifestyle reflects in your bridal glow.

The Professional Touch: Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist

Invest in a professional for that flawless finish. Our makeup artists and hair stylists will enhance your natural beauty, ensuring you look stunning all day long.

Extra Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Bridal Glow

Regular trims, deep conditioning, and a pre-wedding facial are the finishing touches. These extra care tips guarantee you walk down the aisle with shiny, healthy locks and a radiant complexion.


Your journey to a breathtaking bridal look begins at Viva Hair Studio Las Vegas. 

Book your appointment today, and set your bridal journey in motion with us. 

Your beauty, our expertise – a match made in tulle heaven!

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