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Most Popular Hairstyles For Women: Best Hairstyle Trends 2024

Hairstyle trends or certain hair looks tend to rise and fall in popularity over the years. This can be a very good thing. After all, can you imagine 2024’s women sporting the cringeworthy mullet hairstyle that was so trendy in the 80s? Or women sporting the overly puffy (and very time-consuming) beehive styles of the 60s?

The ability to adapt and change is mankind’s biggest advantage and if you haven’t tweaked your own hair over the past few years then it is high time for some change.

A fresh new cut or color can give you a huge boost in confidence or can be very helpful for achieving a look that suits your current life goals.

If you want a fresh take on life then it is time to grab your glam journal. We are about to share some popular hairstyles that can take your appearance to a whole new level.

2024’s Most Popular Hairstyles For Women

2024’s hairstyles are quite diverse and everything from bright colors to natural hair textures and colors are widely accepted. Women are, however, very focused on certain cuts at the moment. Here is a quick look at some of the trendiest looks.

Side-Swept Bangs is Back with a Bang

Gen-X recently endured a lot of backlash on social media platforms for favoring a side part and the ones who were responsible for this major outlash were mostly Generation Z. Well, all of this is about to change because the side part is back in fashion. 

Yes, ladies, it is time to bid the middle part farewell and readjust your cut to accommodate a side part. And one of the very best ways to do this is by getting a layered bang cut. This type of face-framing haircut is great for softening up your appearance and will provide a more romantic touch. 

Side-swept bangs can also be accompanied by a money piece that can draw even more attention to your stylish new haircut.

A Money Piece is Worth the Investment

Speaking of money pieces – this look is also trending at the moment. 

For the money-piece look, a section of the hair around the face is highlighted or brightened. This brighter hair section can be wonderful for creating more eye-catching hairstyles and can brighten or soften up your features without treating your entire head. 

Different approaches like highlights,s slices, or baby lights can be used to create a stylish moneypiece. Some women also like to get creative with the money piece and opt for bright colors instead of the traditional golden section.

In any case, a money piece is a divine way to style up your look without spending a fortune since only a small portion of your hair requires treatment.

Embracing the Natural Wave

Women all over LA are starting to embrace their natural curls and the results are absolutely stunning. With the right layered haircut combined with specialty haircare products like hair gel, leave-in mouse, leave-in conditioner, and a steady hair care regime, you can get your hair all bouncy and wavy. 

Stop straightening your hair and ditch the hair relaxer. You should book a session with your hair specialist and get a suitable haircut. Once cut, specialists can provide a deep nourishing treatment that will help restore your hair from all the damage it has to endure. Next, you will need to learn what grooming techniques to incorporate into your daily routine. Over the course of just a few weeks, you could be sporting show-stopping curls that are bouncing with energy.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been trending since 2023 and are still a big hit here in LA. This celebrity hairstyle involves clipping your bangs asymmetrically with a shorter cut in the center and a longer one around the face. Curtain bangs have a face-framing effect and can soften up your appearance. This look can also look divine whether you are rocking a side or middle part. While curtain bangs look best for straight or wavy hair, some curly-haired ladies do manage to pull off this look with great success. The important thing is to get your bangs clipped by a professional because it can be very tricky to achieve that perfectly smooth layered asymmetrical style.


Blunt-Cut Bobs

Those who used to rock the pixy cut have outgrown their short-cropped styles and switched over to the blunt-cut bob. This angeled look is very trendy at the moment and is one of the best hairstyles to consider if you want to cut back on maintenance.

Once you have the right cut, it is pretty easy to maintain and style a blunt bob. With minimal effort and very few hair products, your style could be perfect in no time. 

The blunt bob is highly fashionable in neutral tones and lots of women enjoy combining it with a money piece for a more fun look. Blunt bobs also look divine in brighter hair colors and some of the most popular hues trending at the moment include colors like bright copper, buttercream blonde, burgundy, and caramel. 

Layered Cuts

Straight cuts have made way for the layered look. Layers are trending again and this can be very good news for women with thin hair because they can create a wavier, airier, and whisper appearance. If you want to look stylish then you can consider long layers with some curtain bangs, wispy bangs, or butterfly bangs. Anything face-framing, layered, and whispy goes. The layered look looks especially charming when paired with a few highlights or a sombre or ombre specialty hair color look.


Viva Salon is the right hair studio to come and visit if you want to get with the times and adopt a popular hairstyle. Make a booking and indulge in a luxurious hair pampering session with the most experienced stylists that LA has to offer. Our natural hair stylists can help you transform your hairdo into any look or cut you might desire. 

After a quick visit to this hair studio, you will step out onto LA’s streets rocking a brand new and very hip look.

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