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How to Choose a Haircut Based on Face Shape?

What kind of haircut should I get? This is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when you explore your facial features in the mirror or when you book a session with a luxury hairstylist.

Choosing the best cut for your appearance is tremendously important because a good cut can help hide imperfections or enhance the features you might want to highlight the most. 

No two people (except for identical twins) do look exactly the same but there are plenty who share a similar facial structure. Hairstylists discovered a long time ago that certain cuts look better on some face shapes than others. 

In this guide, we explore some of the failproof hairstyles and haircuts for each major face structure type so you can get a cut that you won’t regret.

Most Common Face Shapes and the Best Haircut for Each

Women’s facial structures can be categorized into six main shapes;

Oval – The face length is longer than the width and usually don’t have sharp angles around the cheekbones or jaw. 

Round – Face length and width are almost the same and the cheekbones or jaw doens’t have any sharp angles. 

Square – The hairline is wide and the angular jaw is strong without extruding cheekbones.

Rectangular – The face is longer than it is wide with an angular jaw and forehead, cheeks, and jawline about the same width.

Heart – Pointed chin with wider cheekbones and relatively wide forehead. 

Diamond – Pointed chin, narrow forehead, and wide cheekbones.

Top Haircuts for Oval Facial Features

Women with oval face shapes can rock almost any look. The structure of your face will appear soft and feminine in just about any haircut. 

Some of the best styles that celebrity figures with this facial shape love to wear include styles like the following.

A Choppy Lob

Long bobs provide great flexibility since you can still do an updo or wear your hair down. Mid-length haircuts with choppy layering will give your face more body. A soft ombre can also be a good coloring selection for this look.

Wavy Medium-Length Locks

Medium-length hair with lots of layering will frame your features and soften your overall appearance. A blonde balayage will look especially charming in this type of cut.

Long Wavy Hair

Long layers with bouncy curls and a face-defining moneypiece will look stunning on an oval face shape. This appearance will give you a sun-kissed summery look.

Best Haircut for Round Face Structures

Round face shapes tend to look a little bit better with a cut that is going to make your face look a little bit longer. The round face shape is naturally soft which means you don’t have to be too worried about sharp hair looks. In fact, a blunt cut can balance things out nicely. Here are our top recommendations.

Blunt Cut Lob

A long bob with straight-cut tips can make your face appear a little bit longer. This type of straight cut will define your chin and jawline and looks especially charming if the blunt cut is highlighted with a bright ombre look.


If you want to draw attention away from your round jawline then bangs can be a superb option. A pair of stylish bangs will draw attention to your eyes.

Medium Length Cut With Deep Side-Part

Medium-length layered haircuts can look very good on round-face shapes. Ideally, your hair should be cut to produce a shaggy appearance. A deep side part will draw more focus to your forehead and reduce the focus on your chin area.

Best Haircut for Square Facial Features

With square features, you will want to soften up the appearance of your cheekbones and narrow or hide away a little bit of jawline. Here are some of the bet ways to do this.

Feathered Cuts

Feathery haircuts can hide some imperfections around the cheekbones and jawline and will soften up your look. Long layers and medium hair length are also recommended.

Textured Layers

Layered haircuts with lots of bouncy texture are also great for softening up your appearance. Face framing layers are especially good for concealing a sharp jawline and it is usually best to incorporate lots of highlights in this look since this can make the face appear a little bit smaller compared to your hair.

Curly Layers

Lots of bouncy curls hanging in layers all over your head can draw attention away from a sharp jawline. This type of look will also make your features appear more delicate.

Best Cuts for Rectangular Facial Shapes

As with oval face shapes, most hairstyles work pretty well with a rectangular face shape. The only goal here is to soften up the angular jaw and perhaps narrow down the forehead a little. Here are some good hair concepts to consider.

Soft Bob with Bangs

A soft bob can shorten up your features while side swept bangs will conceal your forehead a little bit. It is usually best to get a bob that falls around the chin line or a little bit below the chin.

Updo With Fringe

Rectangular face shapes tend to look good with a nice updo. Keep your hair long and add a little bit of face-framing feminity with some soft whispy bangs. This will narrow down your forehead and keep your features soft.

Top Haircuts for Heart or Diamond Face Shapes

Heart or diamond face shapes tend to look good in the same haircuts. If your cheekbones are particularly wide then you might want to consider a cut that is going to narrow down and soften this part of your face.  Here are some good options.

Pixy Cut

Pixy cuts tend to look great on those with heart or diamond-shaped faces. This short cut can be a little bit intimidating, especially if you have always had longer hair but it will provide a very modern appearance.

Wavy Lob

Wavy lobs are a good option for diamond or heart face shapes. The waves can soften up your sharp cheekbones while the shorter hair will emphasize your sharp chin. 

Long Wavy Layers

Long hair tends to work well with heart or diamond face shapes, especially if these long locks are wavy with plenty of soft layers. Some face-framing bangs can also narrow down a wide forehead.

What Haircut Should I Get? - Professional Help is Available

If you are concerned about ending up with an unsuitable style then it is best to chat with the professionals from Viva Hair Studio. 

Our hair stylists will carefully analyze your appearance and will finally tell you what your exact face shape is. We can also recommend a cut that will suit your features, current hair length, colour, and hair texture.

With the help of our skilled natural hairstylists, you will step out onto the streets looking better than ever.

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