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Glamour Unleashed: Best Hair Extensions in Las Vegas for a Show-Stopping Look

Las Vegas is world-renowned for its glamorous lifestyle, which includes the pursuit of flawless hair. The top salons boast a wide selection of premium extension types so that you can find the perfect match to complement the look of an extravagant night out. 

Getting hair extensions in Las Vegas starts with consulting a hairstylist who will assess a client’s hair type, quality, and aspirations. This is essential to recommend the ideal extension type to achieve the desired treatment, whether it’s length, volume, or a pop of color. 

Fortunately, Vegas has no shortage of the best hair extensions and experts to give advice on which to choose. In the meantime, learning about the hair extensions available throughout the city can inform your decision and set your expectations for each style. 

Here are the best hair extensions in Las Vegas for a show-stopping look. 

Clip-in Hair Extensions

What is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known extension style, clip-in wefts come in a bundle attached to fabric or silicone and then overlaid with clips. They are the most accessible extensions because of their easy installation by simply clipping them to your natural hair which only takes about 10 minutes for a full head. 

However, you can opt for a professional installation and get your hair extensions in Las Vegas clipped in at top salons. These extensions last as long as you need them as they can be removed by simply clipping them out. The human-made hair extensions have a shelf life of up to six months if you wash your bundles every few weeks. Vegas salons will often use a low heat setting to style your clip-ins. 


Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions can be complex for non-professionals to install. That’s why it’s best to get them applied at a top Vegas salon and expert hairstylist. These extensions are taped into your hair using an adhesive glue that’s heated up and attached to your roots. This process can take up to an hour and can last up to two months if well taken care of. 

Vegas stylists often recommend using oil-free shampoos and conditioners so they won’t unstick the glue. The best feature of tape-ins is that they’re only made with human hair so salon stylists can style them to your choosing and can blend them to look like your natural hair. 

Weave Extensions

Weaves are a type of sew-in hair extension that can only be applied by a professional salon hair stylist in Las Vegas due to the complex skill involved. The process begins by braiding your natural hair into cornrows or a micro ring is installed for fine hair. Then the long bundle of hair is sewn into your hair using a needle and a thread. 

Vegas Hair stylists only recommend this procedure to clients with thicker hair as the application and tight weaving can cause tension on the roots and scalp. Weave installs can take several hours to complete, especially when using micro rings as they must be applied to wefts of your natural hair. Overall, a weave can last up to two months when washed, conditioned, and treated like it’s your natural hair. It also needs special care to moisturize your scalp and minimize route damage. 


Keratin Fusion Extensions

There are two methods used to install cold fusion keratin hair. One uses glue or heat to attach the extensions to neat wefts of your natural hair while the other uses pliers to clamp a discreet micro ring into neat rows around your head. 

Both of these techniques will depend on your hair type and quality as most hair salons in Las Vegas prefer to use non-adhesive and heat-applied extensions. Furthermore, micro-ring and fusion are semi-permanent hair extensions and can last up to half a year if taken care of and managed like your real hair. 

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink hair extensions attach micro beads or loops to sectioned rows of your natural hair. It uses an industry tool to fix the beads to your hair and secure it in place. Only a Las Vegas hair stylist can install microlink hair extensions. This ensures they don’t put pressure and pull on your roots to prevent damage and hair from falling out when eventually removed. 

The entire process can take up to a day to complete, depending on your hair thickness, texture, and quality. When using micro links as semi-permanent extensions, they will have to be readjusted and positioned from your growing hair roots every few months at the advice of your Las Vegas hairstylist.

Hair Pieces & Wigs

Unlike the other hair extensions mentioned, hair pieces and wigs can be applied to your hair without any installations, or adhesives for bonding.  This is the perfect choice to attend a special event and remove the extensions after. A wig can be positioned onto your natural hair using a wig cap to keep your hair in place.

Hairpieces such as ponytails, bangs, hair ties, and bangs are fastened onto a section of your hair to give it volume, shape, and length and enhance your natural hair’s appearance. To get a professional look, get a Las Vegas stylist to apply your wig and hairpiece extensions so they fit correctly and can be secured with pins and clips if needed. The lifespan of your wigs and hair pieces depends on whether it’s synthetic fabric or human hair. Synthetic hair is often disposable after a single use while human hair can last up to a year. 


The best hair extensions in Las Vegas for a show-stopping look are entirely dependent on your taste, hair type, and desired look. Thankfully, the city is bustling with hair extension experts and salons who can recommend which you should get to leave satisfied. 

They are renowned for producing natural-looking tresses with the above hair extension types while stocking only high-quality hair bundles. Whether you’re completing your look for a special occasion or enhancing your everyday style, the best hair extensions in this glamorous city will bring your hair dreams to life.

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